aplikasi chatting messenger for hp symbian v2

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  • IM+All-in-One Mobile Messenger (Symbian) 8.05

    The key features of inclusive IM+All-in-One Mobile Messenger is as follow: you can use your mobile for chatting in MSN/ Windows Live Messenger as well
  • Chatting -

    Chatting application with few graphics for displaying connection and the chatting server has mutual power not as client and server
  • Aplikasi Pengolah DPT 1.0

    DPT data processing application (Permanent Voters List) was created for Ketapang Regency, East Kalimantan. This application is used for the selection
  • Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta (MSN Messenger)

    Windows Live Messenger 2010 Beta (MSN Messenger) is finally her which far from being just a chat program, the all-new Microsoft instant messaging
  • CD Messenger: Office Instant Messenger 2.1

    The Corporate Digital Messenger (Abbreviated as CD Messenger) from Live2Support sets an entirely new standard in office productivity and workplace
  • YMulti Messenger (formerly Y! Multi Messenger)

    Yahoo Multi Messenger is a patch application that enables you to stay online on multiple Yahoo! Messenger IDs at the same time. This application is
  • Niceclock S60 for Symbian v7,8 2.0

    NiceClock - stylish gear for your Time! Completely new clockwork with skinable Screensaver, Voice informer, Keyboard locker, advanced Alarm and
  • MobiMonster (Symbian) 1.0

    MobiMonster enables your smartphone to assist you in travel reservations, access all major flight schedules & delays, translate text, backup phone
  • NiceAlarm Symbian Os S60 v9.x 1.7

    NiceAlarm - the most powerful and easy-to-use Symbian OS alarm. Only with it you can select any music tone for every alarm you setup, specify
  • Symbian SMS Manager 2.18.24

    You can manage SMS and other messages on PC with Symbian SMS Manager because it represents all messages same like the way e-mail messages are
  • LCG SmartMovie for symbian 4.15

    LCG SmartMovie is a video player. LCG SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with a counterpart converter utility for the PC. With
  • WeROK for Symbian S60 1.0

    WeFi connectivity layer offers free WI-Fi that enables users to use several services that are in the application such as free Mobile TV, mobile email
  • LCG X plore for symbian 1.58

    LCG X-plore is a file manager. LCG X-plore is a file manager for mobile devices, with a wide range of functions on the phone's file system. This
  • Ore Explorer For Symbian UIQ 3 1.15

    Excellent Puzzle & Action game. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the
  • ExpenseLog For S60 E5/Symbian ^3

    Updated to 1.50! ExpenseLog is a smart and handy tool to log, track and manage your daily expenses on your mobile. It simplifies daily expense
  • T-Fileman For Symbian^3

    T-Fileman is a handy file manager utility specially for Symbian^3 touch screen mobile. It makes the file management easier and faster than ever. Just
  • KVT Symbian Installer 2.0.405.6

    KVT Symbian Installer is a free application that proves to be very useful when it comes to creating Symbian setup .SIS files. It allows you to make or
  • exoVirusStop for Symbian 1.0.4

    Protect your Symbian Series 60 mobile phone and data, against malicious trojans and viruses, with the highly recognized product, developed by
  • FPC Bench (Symbian) 2.5.2

    FPC Bench is a Java benchmark to test and compare the phone performance. Unlike other benchmark tests, FPC Bench results are not influenced by screen
  • iSilo for Symbian UIQ 3 5.04

    iSilo is a highly versatile document Reader available for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, BlackBerry, Symbian UIQ 3, Symbian UIQ,
  • Meteor (Symbian UIQ) 1

    Meteor is the most beautiful BreakOut-style game for Palm OS 5 Hi-Res and Hi-Res+ devices. You have to destroy bricks, saving your meteor from enemy
  • Dreamway (Symbian) 1

    Dreamway, a well-known arcade for Palm, Pocket PC and MS Smartphones, is Now available for Symbian devices. It is a top-view racing game with
  • EasyCall for Symbian S60 1.5

    EasyCall for Symbian S60 There are many Calling Cards and Callback services that allow you to minimize the cost of making international phone calls.
  • fring for Symbian 8 3.2

    Fring for Symbian 8 is your free mobile communication service that lets you make free calls, live chat & video calls, directly on your mobile phone,
  • fring for Symbian 9 4.4

    you can use inclusive software fring for Symbian 9 for making video and voice calls as well as voice for doing live chat. It supports following
  • RoboForm for Symbian 1.4.0

    RoboForm for Symbian devices allows you to synchronize RoboForm Passcards, Identities and Safenotes between your desktop and Symbian devices. You can
  • Agendus for Symbian UIQ 3.0

    Agendus for Symbian UIQ: the personal information management solution you can rely onto When your schedule, tasks and contacts are an integral
  • Skyfire for Symbian 1.0

    Skyfire is a fast and free mobile web browser for Symbian phones. Browsing the Web on a mobile device has traditionally been a nightmarish pursuit.
  • HanDBase for Symbian UIQ 4.0

    HanDBase is the award-winning handheld computing database application Now available for Symbian UIQ SMART phones. Experienced handheld users endorse
  • iFD Convert for Symbian 1.1

    iFD Convert fo Symbian is a Symbian OS professional Converter which allows you to convert values between any type of units. iFD Convert supports over
  • In program description
  • WebCamDV 2.1

    WebCamDV enables you to use your DV camcorder as a Web cam in conjunction with any Instant messenger application (AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger), letting you videoconference with or send still images to your AIM
  • BuddyLive 2.1

    BuddyLive from WebCamDV enables you to use your DV camcorder as a Web cam in conjunction with any Instant messenger application (AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger), letting you videoconference with or send still
  • BigAnt Intranet Messenger (for Lan) 2.92

    The handy BigAnt Intranet messenger supports many exclusive features and is specifically designed for working within a LAN. It has following key features: it has user friendly interface that supports encryption; it
  • MSN Spy Monitor 2009 7.11

    MSN Spy Monitor 2009 7.11 allows you to secretly record all MSN messenger, Windows Live messenger and Windows messenger's incoming and outgoing chat text messages. It runs in a complete invisible mode. You can check
  • fring for Symbian 9.2 4.4

    Now you can make free video callas as well as live chat and voice calls by using inclusive symbian 9.2 software fring. It supports following networks for chatting: Yahoo!, MSN messenger, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and
  • WebCamEffects

    Using Free webcam effects software is the best way to customize yourself during video chatting with your friends in your instant messenger (Yahoo messenger, Windows Live messenger, Skype, AOL Instant messenger, ICQ,
  • Zango Easy Messenger 1.00

    Zango Easy messenger is a FREE instant messenger designed to support AIM, Yahoo, MSN protocols from one simple Instant messenger. No need to setup several applications anymore - chat with your friends who use different
  • BeeNut Instant Messenger 2.017

    BeeNut is a multi-protocol instant messenger for Windows platform. It is compatible with MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger (Y!), AOL Instant messenger, ICQ, and QQ. BeeNut free Chat client makes your chat all in one free
  • Extreme Messenger for AIM 1.61

    Extreme messenger is used for enhancing the basic AOL Instant messenger interface. Its major features are these. It compiles IM and chat's windows into one easy, feature-packed interface for beginners; it hides the
  • Yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor 2010 8.0

    Yahoo messenger Spy Monitor 2010 8.0can be a really useful tool which makes it easy for you tosecretly record all Yahoo messenger incoming and outgoing chat text messages. It runs in a complete invisible mode. You can
  • Yahoo Spy Monitor 4.1

    Yahoo messenger Spy Monitor can sniff & monitor Yahoo messenger activity, such as chat conversations, outgoing and incoming Yahoo IM chat messages, chat contacts list, etc. This smart Yahoo messenger Monitoring
  • FortiClient Mobile for Symbian OS 4.0.18

    The inclusive program fortiClient Mobile for symbian OS supports following five security functions for the security of rdotsis symbian symbian OS based personal computers: AntiSpam, antivirus, incoming call filtering
  • iSilo for Symbian S60 3rd Edition 5.04

    You can use the feature rich document reader iSilo for Palm OS as well as Pocket PC, Windows computers, symbian S60 3rd Edition, symbian Series 60, symbian Series 80, and Windows CE Handheld PC handhelds, Windows Mobile
  • Web Messenger 4.40

    Now you can communicate with your friends and visitors of your webpage easily by uisng handy software application Web messenger. The visitors and recipients of your email has no need to install this messenger for
  • MSN Messenger Chat Spy 6.0.1

    MSN messenger spy secretly records all MSN messenger, Windows Live messenger and Windows messenger's incoming and outgoing chat text messages. Best chat logger software (Best MSN messenger chatting spying software) tell
  • IM+ All-In-One Mobile Messenger (J2Me) 4.7

    Now you can use your mobile for chatting in Facebook as well as Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN/Live messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Jabber, VKontakte and Yandex by using incredible IM+ All-In-One Mobile messenger.
  • Universal Messenger Plus 1.02

    Universal messenger Plus is a FREE multi-protocol instant messenger designed with the goal to bridge the difference of various Instant messengers and provide a single convenient interface that will allow users to easily
  • BitDefender Chat Encryption 2009 12.0

    With BitDefender Chat Encryption you'll be able to protect your MSN messenger conversation content. BitDefender encrypts all your instant messaging chat sessions provided that: 1. Your chat partner has a BitDefender
  • iSilo for Pocket PC 6.05

    Now you can easily read documents if you are using inclusive software iSilo for Pocket PC. It supports working with Windows CE Handheld PC handhelds as well as Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, BlackBerry, symbian
  • KVT Symbian Installer 2.0.405.6

    KVT symbian Installer is a free application that proves to be very useful when it comes to creating symbian setup .SIS files. It allows you to make or to extract the above mentioned file types. This application comes
  • RoboForm for Symbian 1.4.0

    Roboform for symbian devices allows you to synchronize Roboform Passcards, Identities and Safenotes between your desktop and symbian devices. You can view synchronized Passcards, Identities and Safenotes on symbian.
  • Giggitus Video Chat 1.0.6

    Instant message and video chat anyone on Giggitus, for free. It's bursting with fun. Get started right now. Stay connected with all your friends. Start chatting with new people. See What's Inside The Giggitus
  • KMess 2.0.2

    As a Linux user, it's still easy to contact your friends! With KMess, chatting with friends using Live messenger has never been so good - enjoy our great features: Display picture transfers Fast file transfers
  • New Nepal Messenger 1.0

    Saranepal proudly presents New Nepal messenger for chatting & unite all the Nepalese over the
  • PixaMSN 0.61

    Tiny MSN messenger clone! You will log in as Invisible, so no one will notice you're online. Then, if you decide you want to talk, get out of Invisible mode and start chatting, or just switch to messenger itself. It
  • Chat Controller 1.5.0

    Create Rules to Control Instant Messaging Chat Controller will allow you to set up rules for when chatting is not allowed. for example, you can create a rule so that your child John cannot chat on MSN messenger each
  • MSN Messenger Password Recovery

    MSN Password Recovery program enables you to instantly break and decrypts the MSN messenger, Windows Live messenger and Windows messenger passwords. It is also used for recovering forgotten MSN password and works when
  • net-MaMMa 2.5

    With it's Intuitive and user-friendly control panel, net-MaMMa gives parents the technological power they need to be able to follow their childrens steps and thus, protect and educate them. Easy to install (or uninstall
  • SpyPal AIM/AOL Messenger Spy 4.00

    AIM/AOL messenger spy software! Perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children or spouse, and even investigating crimes. SpyPal AIM/AOL messenger Spy software can secretly record all AIM/AOL
  • JustChat 2.3

    JustChat is an MSN chatting software which can help you to chat safe and secure everywhere. The JustChat window can pretend to be word, excel or any customize application layout. When you are using JustChat to chat with